Fast workflow for CinemaDNG footages from Blackmagic Design cameras: Pocket camera, Micro, Production 4K, URSA Mini Pro, etc. Native support of Blackmagic CinemaDNG RAW compression format. CinemaDNG RAW recompression speedup for Windows and Linux. Interoperability with FFmpeg and 3DLUT Creator.

Fast CinemaDNG Processor

High performance software for CinemaDNG processing on GPU

Fast CinemaDNG Processor on CUDA

Fast workflow for footages from Blackmagic cameras

We can offer fast processing for footages from any camera of Blackmagic Design: Pocket, Micro, URSA, URSA Mini Pro, etc. Our solution is lightweight and fast which is a must for culling, trimming, previewing and processing. And it's working on NVIDIA GPU, so it offers just incredible speed. Fast CinemaDNG Processor software dramatically increases responsiveness. There is no need to wait - everything is working in realtime on good CPU/GPU/SSD. This is true due to high performance processing engine on GPU.

We have also implemented Blackmagic DNG Converter. This is an opportunity to process Blackmagic footages on other software, apart from Davinci Resolve. Actually, we can convert CinemaDNG RAW to a standard CinemaDNG (uncompressed or with lossless jpeg compression).

What we can do for fast CinemaDNG RAW processing

  • Fast CinemaDNG RAW import, parsing, decoding
  • High quality demosaicing on GPU
  • High performance denoising on GPU
  • Lightweight CinemaDNG viewer and player with full image processing pipeline on GPU
  • CinemaDNG post processing with DCP and LCP profiles
  • Realtime grading with 3D LUTs (RBG and HSV)
  • CinemaDNG RAW to DNG/TIFF/JPG/Video export

To summarize, one can emphasize the most important features of Fast CinemaDNG Processor software for realtime CinemaDNG processing on GPU: native support of DNG/CinemaDNG/Blackmagic CinemaDNG RAW formats, fast dng/raw decoding on CPU, high quality debayering, realtime denoising, DCP and LCP profiles, 3D LUT, smooth CinemaDNG playback for 4K and more, export options, etc.

Useful third-party software for better CinemaDNG processing

One can download and install that software, then create links from Fast CinemaDNG Processor (dialog Options), and interoperability with FFmpeg and 3DLUT Creator will be established.